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What currencies are available?


  • You can load your Just Go Visa Prepaid Travel Card with the following currencies:
    1. GBP
    2. EUR
    3. NZD
    4. USD
  • The card will be loaded in AUD and the money will be credited to the nominated default currency wallet.

Would my Just Go card work in most countries?


  • With US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, New Zealand Dollar, your Just Go card can be used in any country that accepts these currencies.
  • Many hotels, restaurants and other businesses around the world - such as Bali, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and even South America, can charge you in USD. If you've loaded funds to your USD wallet, you can pay for things seamlessly - with no fee and no currency conversion.
  • Increasingly common are ATMs in South East Asia - such as Cambodia, that allow for one to withdraw USD cash. If you've funds in your USD wallet, there's no fees or currency conversion with Just Go. However, take note that some ATMs may charge a small fee for the withdrawal.
  • Don't have funds in your desired currency wallet? Simply move available funds between your wallets or reload online here - reloading with debit card gets funds in your account quickest.
  • You can even spend in the local currency - such as Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, Indonesian Rupiah, Just Go will move the funds from your wallets for you. There's no fee for this, but a currency exchange rate conversion will apply.

How long is the exchange rate valid?


  • Rates can change periodically throughout the day. Whichever prevailing rate is applicable at the time of the load or movement, will be displayed on the kiosk or through the website. Should there have been a change in the rate between entering the application through the kiosk and completing the process with an agent, you will be required to repeat the preparation on the kiosk.

How will I know what FX rates are available?


  • The latest FX rates will be displayed at the kiosk when you confirm how much you wish to load and which currency wallet you would like to credit.

Is there a purchase fee for the card?


  • There is no purchase fee with the card however you need to make an initial load of $100.00 AUD in store prior to activating your card.

Are there any other fees to be mindful of?


  • Just Go has no load fees, no re-load fees, no transaction fees, and no monthly account maintenance fees that other prepaid travel cards may charge

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You should obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the 7-Eleven account available here before making a decision in relation to the facility.

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